5 Great first dance photo tips that aren’t about dancing { Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, Wedding Photographer }

Since I’m the LAST person you’d ever want dance tips from, { you ARE talking to the girl who couldn’t even execute the running man, the butterfly or the electric slide} I thought of a few things that make a huge impact on how your photos will look of that ever- important first dance. I don’t know any bride who wouldn’t want sweet, romantic photos of her husband embracing her on the dance floor. Cheek to cheek, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. The truth is-  most of those moments won’t happen totally naturally. The truth is, your husband and/ or you may feel a little awkward on the dancefloor and not-so-romantic.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a few things that – with a little extra planning- could make your first dance photos flawless. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about that first dance as man and wife.

1. Many of us are self conscious about our arms, having your hubby strategically place his hands, so that he is holding or caressing your upper arms. This does two things, makes him look more masculine, with his hands on top of your arms he naturally looks dominant. But more importantly, it covers an area of your arms you would probably rather hide. If you choose to do this, I suggest a little practice in front of a mirror to ensure that it looks natural.

2. Put those foreheads together! Or dance cheek to cheek, and close your eyes. Every now and then do this for a few seconds, allowing the photographer to catch a super-romantic portrait.

3. If you want to….Whisper, Laugh, and look at each other even cry if you want to. Act naturally, and try to forget for a second that you are in the spotlight, and just enjoy the moment. Most importantly be yourself and your love will shine through making beautiful photos.

4. Hold Hands. Again this one may require practice in a mirror, but holding hands while dancing will add a level of connection, intimacy and romance to your first dance.

5. Consider having guests gather round the edges of the dancefloor, or have your Emcee ask guests to “please stand” for the bride & groom’s first dance. This is especially important, as I have seen a trend in first dances where the guests are seated at tables in the background, sometimes even eating. As you can imagine this type of background is not your best option for beautiful photos.

_DSC9310NC Wedding Photographer, Greensboro, North Carolina Winston Salem Wedding Photography}Ricky and Eva6042013106

A little extra thought will go a long way in how your love story translates into photos. As with most things practice makes perfect, so go through your dance a few times in a mirror before the big day and you’ll be photo ready.

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