Happy Birthday E

 Happy Birthday,E!
Tomorrow, my angel will turn 3 years old. How stereotypical of me to say… I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, but it is true. Each day is tediously long, but the collective raising of a child, goes by at lightning speeds.
Three years ago, I almost gave birth on the side of the highway. But we made it, and Empress was born in a birthing center… under water. It was pretty awesome.
Me giving birth- (Hey,at least it’s all covered up!!)
 To have a “pretty awesome” birth in NC I had to drive over an hour and a half from where I live. (Laws in this state seriously restrict midwives from delivering babies, so there are not many places where you can have a midwife anymore.) I remember the ride to Chapel Hill, I was crouched in a ball on the floor of our minivan, and it took FOREVER to get there. Empress was born less than 20 minutes after our arrival, (thank god we made it!) I went home only 3 hours later and the whole experience was amazing.
Empress, is the youngest of six… yup 6 children. She is the boss of the household, Stomping around barking orders at everyone, including me, all day long-  she has to be bossy being the youngest one, it’s a survival thing!
 Like all of our kids, she is really a good girl. We are so proud of them all. I must say -in that department we have been truly blessed. Our kids stay out of trouble…mostlyJ and get good grades…YAY! Thank goodness for that, cause I don’t know what I’d do if god gave me six troublemakers…probably end up duck taped to a chair or something.
Not even posed…. that’s just how she rolls.
So this Weekend, It’s all about Miss Empress, we’ll be going to Coldstone for her favorite -cotton candy…aka “blue” ice cream and doing all of her favorite things, playing on the swings… eating pizza & cupcakes, watching Shrek, and of course eating tons of MnM’s her favorite thing on the entire planet. <3>
-Happy Birthday E, mommy Loves you!

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