Happy Birthday Maddi

Happy  Birthday, Maddi
Nine years old! This is our last single digit birthday, the tween, and then dreaded teen years are looking us straight in the eye…just around the corner. You are really the least of my worries though. The teen years with you will be a breeze, ever since you were born, you’ve been the one to stay out of trouble, the quiet one, the shy one.
You remind me so much of your Auntie Chyenne. Watching you girls together really takes me back to my own childhood, it’s funny how kids can take on traits based on their seniority, but I swear its true, you are like Chy, and Lilly is a dead ringer for Sherri-berri.
It feels so good to see your freckled face every morning, your crazy smile, teeth missing all over the place, and your endless barrage of “I’m Bored”. I sometimes wonder if you’ll ever find something to do.
Right now, you are outside, playing with your friends, enjoying the last few hours of daylight, your beautiful red hair,  blowing in the cool breeze of the evening. You’ve always been so embarrassed about that red hair. That red hair that makes strangers stop dead in their tracks, gasping “oh my! look at that beautiful red hair”. That red hair that makes you so different, when all you want is to be the same. A day will come when you love that red hair, because it makes you different.
 I’m so glad that you’re finally coming out of your shell this year. I’m happy that you are beginning to see how beautiful you are, how much you are loved, and how fun life can be.  I’m so grateful that you have friends; I’m relieved that you are not afraid anymore, but the most precious gift ever, is that beautiful smile, the smile that never goes away, the  same smile that says I’m happy mom, and I love you… without saying a word. I love that smile.

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