Portraits that say who you are

These two photos, are my favorite portraits of Koy and I. I took them, rather instantly, though when I realized the scenery in which we were sitting, I immediately had a clear vision in mind. Last year, Koy went into Happy Tats, for a tattoo. When we found ourselves waiting for a few moments, I in my stool and Koy looking at himself in front the mirror, I simply asked him to look at me through the mirror, and fired off these two shots.

The first, I feel is a little bit of a safer portrait, we are clearly visible, and the lighting is softer.

In the  second photo, I intentionally fired the on camera flash, knowing it would burst off of the mirror, I thought this would be a fun way to play off a crazy facial expression and add a little more chaos to an already busy photo. I love the hard lighting and the burst of flash introduced into the frame, even accentuating some grime on the mirror in front of me.

 { Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, Wedding Photographer }

The reason I love these photos so much is that there is so much to look at, and they truly speak volumes about us, the subjects. My love of photography is clearly illustrated, our children are pictured: both in Koy’s current tattoos, and the to be tattooed that hangs to his left side. Since we didn’t know we would take a portrait on this day, we both had on average clothing and looked how we typically look on a daily basis.It’s just so natural, and so US. A portrait does not have to be matchy or perfect to be beautiful. A better portrait is a true expression of who you are, telling your story to it’s viewers.

Winston Salem, Kernersville Wedding Photographer

Winston Salem Wedding Photography by Winston Salem Photographer, Shanna Duffy
Shanna Duffy Photography is anything but your average documentary wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with
care and creativity Shanna Duffy Photography is a photographer based in Winston Salem, in the Kernersville, NC area.
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 this wedding photography studio is one of the top studios in the country and is located right here in the
Creative, Stylish, Non-traditional Documentary photography.These are the words typically used to describe this Winston Salem
wedding photographer. With clients based all over the Triad area, Wallburg is home to this Winston Salem wedding photographer.
We take pride in offering our clients beautiful photography, at affordable prices. Our clients are typically looking for
Someone who will capture emotional moments, and tell the story of their wedding and engagement through photography.
Serving Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and Beyond Shanna Duffy Photography
offers Winston Salem wedding photography coverage in the Kernersville area, including but not limited to, Winston Salem, NC,
Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and the surrounding areas.  Please call or Email us for
more information.

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