Remember Time is Money

The fortune cookie flew right out of Lily’s hand, straight across the table, past my steaming hot tea and hit me in the face. I caught the cookie, already opened with much effort on Lilly’s part, with a hand clenched into my chest. ” Choose another” I told Lily, “this one must be for me”.

In the previous moments, I had been hurriedly working my way through a plate of fried rice, I huffed and puffed to myself about how I don’t want to disappoint anyone, all the while wondering how I will possibly find time to get to the store to replace the laundry detergent that ran out the other day.

As a family of eight, the twenty-four hours allotted to us each day are scantly enough. Attending social functions, and being a friend, requires some sacrifice on my part, and I’m not just referring to my nails, which have not yet made it to the salon only a mile from my home for my two weeks overdue appointment, I’m talking serious stuff.

Attending a party, catching up with an old friend, or having drinks with the girls means, I can’t squeeze in that trip to the grocery store, where I was supposed to buy snacks for the kids school lunches, It means I won’t have a chance to put that bottle of much needed laundry soap into my cart, and with six kids that is a potential health hazard! As I sit here typing, Laundry abound in my washing machine, I really need to find some balance in my life- something’s gotta give….some time for me. I think I might just let that laundry sit for one more day. Maybe I can finally get that long overdue nail appointment.


What do you think?

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