Wedding Day Timeline { Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, Wedding Photographer }

Over the course of your wedding day I will take around a thousand photographs. Many of these will be photo-journalistic, but there will also be several mini sessions, throughout the day, I will need your time & attention for:

-Bridal Glam { right after you finish dressing }
-Girls portraits { these can be done all in one session if you see your groom before the ceremony!}
-Boys Portraits { these can be done all in one session if you see your groom before the ceremony!}
-Wedding Party Portraits { before or after the ceremony}
-Family Portraits { usually done directly after the ceremony or romantic portraits }
-Romantic Portraits { done as a first look, or right after the ceremony, or on the way to the reception}
My preference for most of the portraits is before the ceremony, In a FIRST LOOK SESSION  it is the most privacy we will get, and you and your groom will be far less stressed out earlier in the day knowing photos are all done.
A “First Look” my favorite option. Nothing compares to seeing a groom, face in his hands, jaw to the floor when he is seeing his bride for the first time in private. Of course this is not an option for most traditional couples, but before you completely rule it out take a look at this article by one of the world’s top wedding photographers- Jasmine Star. She has been Wildly successful, and her intimate emotional Bride/ groom portraits are most always taken before the wedding.


If the possibility of a “first look” is not for you, our second best option would be after the ” I-Do’s” and before your reception grand entrance. If your having a limo/ car, I think it best to take a little detour somewhere between ceremony and reception for the ten minute photo shoot. This is the only way to ensure that we will have the privacy to get the pictures done successfully. It also gives us a great opportunity to have a totally stylish location, a chic downtown area, or maybe a romantic  grassy field whatever suits you and your groom.
Finally, the third and my least favorite option would be to take the photos at either the ceremony site ( at the same time we do the family formals) or the reception site. Each of these options usually results in large crowds of friends, and various family members, that although they may mean well, can be a distraction. In Addition, most ceremony sites have lighting that, for lack of more graceful words….is horrible.
Here are two suggested schedules to ensure you get all photos taken as easily as possible for everyone involved, I hope that one of these will easily fit into your plans. If not, let me know when/ where you would like the photo sessions to be, so I will be prepared.
Two hours pre- ceremony- I’ll photograph details and a few getting ready photos. I love when my brides have shoes, rings, dresses, jewelry, veil and other wedding details set out in advance, so I don’t have to bother anyone with a bunch of questions.
90 minutes before the ceremony-
In an Ideal situation, I would have a first- look in a private “meeting place” so the groom can see the bride for the first time. I will take ten minutes to do some wedding day portraits of you both. {10 minutes}
An hour and before ceremony-
 The wedding party can be photographed leaving formal photos almost completely done before the wedding. {30 minutes}
Right after the ceremony is when most brides choose to take family formals, and a few more portraits of the wedding party in the church/ceremony site if they are wanted. Often times this session becomes chaotic, with many requests for group photos, from various family members and friends, we will have plenty of time to get
informal group shots at the reception, so if possible reserve this time for immediate family only.
Bride & groom car/ limo/ exit photos then off to the reception site.
I typically begin photographing reception details while awaiting the entrance of Bride & Groom to reception.
Each couple chooses a different plan for their reception, so I use photojournalism style for the entire reception, simply photographing all of the events as they unfold the first dance, cake cutting garter/bouquet toss, ect.
Once dinner is finished, it is a great time to get group family photos and snapshots with friends that were not taken during the formal portrait sessions.
If a first look can’t be done: 
An alternate schedule Could be:
Two hours pre- ceremony- I’ll set up & photograph details and  a few getting ready photos.
An hour and before ceremony-Get the groom/ groomsmen’s photos and then the bride/ bride’s maid photos. ( 30 minutes)
Right after the ceremony I would take family formals, and the wedding party formals.
Then, I would follow Bride and groom in limo/ car to a private location for a fast romantic portrait session
Meet Wedding party at reception location for a second group photo if desired by bride & groom.
I typically begin photographing reception details while awaiting the entrance of Bride & Groom to reception.
Keep in mind, tardiness will effect the amount and style of photos your photographer can take, this is why creating a timeline is SO important it sets the pace for your entire day. The timeline may be the most important factor of your wedding day, but with a little preparation we can work out all of the details for a successful wedding day.














Winston Salem, Kernersville Wedding Photographer

Winston Salem Wedding Photography by Winston Salem Photographer, Shanna Duffy
Shanna Duffy Photography is anything but your average documentary wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with
care and creativity Shanna Duffy Photography is a photographer based in Winston Salem, in the Kernersville, NC area.
Offering wedding Photography coverage in Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville,NC Lexington,NC Thomasville,NC and Greensboro,NC.
 this wedding photography studio is one of the top studios in the country and is located right here in the
Creative, Stylish, Non-traditional Documentary photography.These are the words typically used to describe this Winston Salem
wedding photographer. With clients based all over the Triad area, Wallburg is home to this Winston Salem wedding photographer.
We take pride in offering our clients beautiful photography, at affordable prices. Our clients are typically looking for
Someone who will capture emotional moments, and tell the story of their wedding and engagement through photography.
Serving Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and Beyond Shanna Duffy Photography
offers Winston Salem wedding photography coverage in the Kernersville area, including but not limited to, Winston Salem, NC,
Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and the surrounding areas.  Please call or Email us for
more information.

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