Why Do Wedding Photographers Charge SO Much? { Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, Wedding Photographer }

During a phone call with a new client this week, I made a point that made so much sense, I surprised myself. After hearing her really nice and romantic wedding plans, she disclosed to me the large sum she was paying to throw this elegant wedding. Upon hearing my prices, she was taken aback.

In response to her totally normal reaction, I just kind of blurted out, well if you’re spending X amount of dollars on all of this stuff, to throw this wedding, what will you have to show for it?? The only thing left will be your photos, and you don’t want to skimp on the photos, they’re all you will have to look back on all the months of planning you put into this wedding. Needless to say, she completely understood and booked my services, you can’t deny the truth.
Weddings cost so much time, stress and of course money. Long after the flowers have wilted, the centerpieces have been taken home by guests, the music stops, or the cake is devoured, what will you have left? Will you have some poorly lit, random snapshots from your Uncle Bob who just picked up a cool DSLR kit at Best Buy, or will you have breathtaking photo albums full of emotion, to tell your story? You just can’t put a price on that.
This decision, weighs heavily on almost every bride these days, unfortunately once you have made it, you can never go back. Do-it-yourself photography is everywhere; it’s awesome and fun we have some great cameras on the market. But there’s a time and a place for amateur photography. Your wedding day is absolutely that one day, if ever, you need a real, professional photographer present. It’s not like any other photography session  there are no re-shoots.
Just think, professionals who work many weddings each year struggle on wedding days. I get home at 1 am almost unable to walk , sore all over, dehydrated, hungry, and absolutely wiped out. How do you think an amateur photographer would be able to handle the fast paced stress of a wedding day?  What about lighting? Image Edits; photo corrections? Will your photos ever make it off of your computer and into an album? No matter what your plans, without professional help your photos are unlikely to ever get anywhere beyond Facebook.
The dollar amounts may seem staggering; when you are shopping for wedding photographers, but Let me assure you, most of us are “working for peanuts.” The cost of running a photography business can be a lot. There is a lot of time spent pulling all-nighters, editing photos, and designing artwork and albums, there is so much more to do than just showing up and taking photos.
Things that factor into the pricing of a photography package:
  • Salary for the photographer, and an assistant
  • Equipment and maintenance costs from batteries, to lenses, to cameras and lighting it’s all expensive.
  • Lots of Insurance: health for photographer(s), liability/accident insurance, and insurance of costly equipment.
  • The cost of running a business – from the website that probably helped you locate your photographer, down to the very paper that your contract is printed on and everything in-between.
  • Consider, also the cost of the materials in your package: usually an album, some prints, and most likely a few other items that will take not only labor but a lot of money to create.
  • Business License
  • Monthly fees for needed software and apps that produce your photos into works of art
  • Travel costs
  • Taxes
As a consumer, if you are shelling out top dollar, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. A real pro will usually have an assistant, a license, and insurance, also equipment and backup equipment. A contract that benefits and protects you both, and most importantly, a style that conveys your story the way you want it to be. Some Points to go over when choosing your photographer are:
  • Experience is this a career or a hobby?
  • Style- what style(s) and skills will your photographer bring to the table? Photojournalism, Traditional, Portraiture, Black and white? Color, Airbrushing, Art/Effects?
  • Are you actually getting the photographer you think you are getting, or will the company just send anyone?
  • Personality This is a big one. It’s likely you will see your photographer more than your husband on your wedding day.  Nothing is worse than working with someone you don’t like, an engagement session is a great way to get a feel for your photographer and how you will work together.
  • Are you getting excellent services/ package for your money?
  • Is there a contract? Do you understand it? Is it fair? Make sure you understand about your deposits and payments, also understand what happens if your photographer cannot show up due to uncontrollable events
  • References- A good photographer will most likely be proud to display references, or testimonials, credentials, galleries and experience somewhere on their website.
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You will never turn the pages of your beautiful wedding album, and feel regret for the money you spent – just a fraction of your total budget, to tell your story. Your memories are priceless. Most people will tell you, of all their belongings that if they had to just save one thing, it would be photos. Your memories, your experiences, your very life is preserved and documented within your photos, choose a great photographer, and enjoy your memories forever.

Winston Salem, Kernersville Wedding Photographer

Winston Salem Wedding Photography by Winston Salem Photographer, Shanna Duffy
Shanna Duffy Photography is anything but your average documentary wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with
care and creativity Shanna Duffy Photography is a photographer based in Winston Salem, in the Kernersville, NC area.
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We take pride in offering our clients beautiful photography, at affordable prices. Our clients are typically looking for
Someone who will capture emotional moments, and tell the story of their wedding and engagement through photography.
Serving Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and Beyond Shanna Duffy Photography
offers Winston Salem wedding photography coverage in the Kernersville area, including but not limited to, Winston Salem, NC,
Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and the surrounding areas.  Please call or Email us for
more information.

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