5 things you may have forgot to ask your wedding phototgrapher

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most complicated choices you will have to make! It’s important that you really like your choice, because you will be spending more time with your photographer than any other vendor, probably even more than your new husband/wife. As a wedding photographer myself; I see lots of articles in popular bridal magazines on what to ask your photographer. The problem is, they all include questions that are irrelivent now that almost all photographers will be shooting a wedding digitally instead of on film.

I recently interviewed with a couple who are really doing their research on photographers and their wonderful questions helped me to understand what may be the most important points to consider.  So Here is a list of five OTHER questions you may not have thought to ask…….

1. Is My Date Available?  First things First, before asking tons of questions about prices and packages-  find out if your date is available. This is an important question and saves everyone some time in case your date is unavailable. I think it’s also worth mentioning: even if price is a big concern to you, it is considered good style to hold off until at least learning about the photographer for a few minutes before just asking prices.

2. What are your prices? It’s very important to find out if this photographer is going to it into your budget or not. This is most definetley a place to be open- minded. If this photographer is charging higher than you had hoped, but you love his/ her work, be careful and thoughtful in your consideration. Don’t forget; it’s not all about price, the most important part of hiring a wedding photographer is that you LOVE their style, personality, and work. There are so many things that will factor into the price of your wedding photography, and the price probably is not just high to overcharge you. The cost of your package pays  for things that will protect you, your guests, and your wedding photos. Read this article for mor info on what goes into the cost of your wedding package. 

3.  How serious are you? Are you a full time photographer, or are you a person with a 9 to 5 who does photography on weekends? Do you specialize in weddings, or do you do families, babies and portraits as well? And most importantly, are you a legitimate business with backup plans and assistants? are you licensed and insured? All of these questions will help give you a better- defined picture of what it will be like to work with this photographer. There are not really right or wrong answers here, I have seen many “weekend warrior” photographers who take amazing images, and know quite a few who do families babies and weddings all beautifully. However it gives you something to think about: a weekend photogrwapher has another job, so is customer service as important to them as it is to a photographer making her living from her business? Someone doing portraits all week long may have a longer turn around time to finish your photos, as opposed to someone who specializes in weddings. Someone with no backup plans or assistant may be able to charge you less, but at a higher risk.

4. Can I see some real wedding galleries & albums? This will allow you to envision how your finished gallery of photos and albums will look. Most of us photographers will put our best foot first. This is to show you photos that we feel best defines our personal style as an artist. Seeing a real wedding gallery, as was presented to the actual bride and groom can give you a more realistic idea of what you can expect from your day.

5. Can I find you on Facebook? Yes, Facebook! I think this is one of the most important questions- You can really really tell a person’s true self from his Facebook page, or even… yes business page. You will be surprised at what people will put out there on the internet! Of course it’s all best behaviour during interviews, but when you visit their page They may just be a different person than they portrayed to you. Maybe they are snarky, unprofessional, or even full of themself, find out before they show up at your wedding and sour the best day of your life.  If you dig deep, reading comments and old posts, you will be able to read and gauge past client’s satisfaction much more accurately than with a testimonials page.

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