My Middle Sister Christmas…..

I’ve been rather quiet this week, busy actually, cooking every childhood treat I could remember for my little sister, Chyenne. She came to North Carolina this week to visit me for a few days. And although she just left, I miss her already. My sisters and I are seperate by distance, but very close. We have shared experiences and unbelievable memories that have given us the gift of a stong bond. I don’t get to see or talk to them as much, and since we are all emotionally retarded we seldom say it, but our love for each other is strong and quiet.

We had such a good time being goofy and eating anything that would fit inside of our mouths. Chyenne and I talked and talked and talked. We talked about our dad, we talked about our childhood, we talked about our other sister, our mom and our boyfriends. We talked until we couldn’t talk anymore, then fell asleep only to wake in the morning and start the eating and talking all over again. We watched Marilyn Monroe, and played Catch Phrase. Chyenne taught my Oldest son, Raven, How to Knit. We talked about our dream of opening a little indie coffee shop, and raising Alpacas a dream that I hope one day comes true.

Chyenne, excited because I surprised her with fox pajamas
Coffee ans cinnamon rolls, a long time ” thing ” for me and Chy. When I was 17 I got my first apartment, and she used to come over, we would drink IC ( instant coffee) and eat CR ( cinnamon rolls).
Lasagne, or anything else with cheese will do just fine thank you!
Keeba, my sister’s Pomeranian, is so cute I wanted to keep him forever!!
She doesn’t know it, but Chyenne is so beautiful.
My new favorite photo of us, having fun in the backyard
So afraid I was going to break her back!! too much holiday poundage!!


We had too much fun, and even started a facebook page: Traveling Dan, for her boyfriend, since he couldn’t make the trip to North Carolina. The photos were Hillarious, as he grilled out, got caught coming out of the shower, and played with my kids, we got a little carried away with it, but it was so much fun!

A few holiday photos, my baby girl Empress

We watched the kids open gifts, and laughed while Empress Brandished her prized plastic knife, explaining how she will use it to kill zombies. And of course we ate some more, making it a perfect Christmas.


As I type this post, I’m sitting on the sofa, watching the Twilight Zone marathon, a new year’s tradition for my sisters and I. Contemplating what resolutions to take on this year. I’d like to finally learn how to drive, and  of course want to be more fit. But I think getting closer with my family is something I’m going to work much harder at in the coming year as well. Spending this time with my middle sister this week, I realized that memories, good or bad, are more precious than anything you can ever touch or hold.

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