Love is one hell of a drug

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This is us, taken just recently in our own backyard.

We bought our first home about six months ago, Since then we have had to get our six children registered in school, and take care of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas not to mention a few birthdays as well. Needless to say our home looks just like it did the day we bought it. Time to do home improvements or even buy furniture has just not come yet. Today, I found myself with a little extra time and decided to tackle our “junk cabinet” yup, most people just have a drawer but we have an entire kitchen cabinet designated as a catch-all for sewing needles hot glue guns, photo albums, batteries, cough drops, and anything else that has yet to find its place in our new home. I found myself taking down photo albums, which had numerous loose photo shoved in between the folds. Since I had put up a book shelve right before Christmas, I thought it would be nice to organize those and move them to their rightful place. In doing so, I also brought out mine and Koy’s boxes of mementos for organization.

This is only a part of our huge stash of mementos, letters and cards.

Most people who are in a relationship keep a box with a few letters, Koy and I got a little carried away with the letter writing. We literally have hundreds of disgustingly romantic cards and letters written over the past six years. I don’t know what possessed me to actually start reading them, I usually rifle through a few things in the boxes and with a smile close it shut. This time I took a huge stack of letters, and started reading. What struck me instantly is that more than half of the letters were written on trash, napkins and one even on a piece of toilet paper. This is because when we met we were literally so poor we couldn’t spare money for a notebook or writing paper. This brought tears to my eyes, then the flood-gates opened and I cried. I didn’t just shed a few tears, I bawled like a baby, chest heaving, snot dripping, mascara running. I don’t cry often, and a wave of gratitude caught me by surprise I just couldn’t help myself.  The next letter started off saying how we would work towards getting a checking account, and I just lost it. I guess I had just forgotten how difficult times really were for us. We did not have bank accounts, or even a bed as one letter seven months into our relationship described.  We actually lived together for seven months and slept on the floor. Love is an amazing thing, because we were so happy.

Koy and I six years ago, in Early December, 2006

Those tears that flooded my face were tears of elation, I was so caught off guard, because at that moment I realized all that we had accomplished and built-in our life. I realized that we had done almost every lofty dream described in those letters, and even a few that were never planned. We have new goals now for our even bigger dreams and I am so grateful for the gifts our love has brought into our life, I can’t even imagine what the next six years will hold for us.

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