From Pinterest to Finished: How to get inspired

I came across the photo ( bottom ) on Pinterest a few months ago, and just loved the beautiful look that the shadows created. Later, I found myself in a lighting situation where I was playing with shadows, and had a perfect opportunity to create something “inspired by” this lovely image.





Of course, my goal was NOT to copy this artist’s work. Although this photo is amazing, I want to take the shadow concept, and run in my own direction with it- producing an end product for my Wedding Photography client  that will make them very happy and allowing me to express some creativity in doing what I love.  

On a sunny day, during a quickie engagement shoot, I had a golden toned and brightly -lit backyard to work with. The directional light was a perfect tool for casting unique shadows upon my clients. The photo to the top is what I ended up with, and while I can find a hundred things that I wish I had done differently, I still like the photo very much.

So I challenge you;  find inspiration in many ways then execute  photos, based upon your inspiration. When you are finished re-visit, compare, and critique your work. What drew you to your inspiration in the first place? Were you able to capture that quality or feature in your own work? WHy or why not? What could you have done differently? Most importantly what parts did you get right? The absolute best way to learn is to get behind the camera and try things. Try crazy things, try safe things, try anything….just try.



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