How much is TMI???

These days it seems like people are just texting and typing their whole life with no filter…. I swear the anonymity of internet has us bolder and more carless, and even….dare I say it: class-less than ever.

This year I have received the status of several women’s pregnancy, which would be perfectly pleasant news if the facebook status was something like  “baby and I are healthy and doing good”  but in reality it was more like “I  went to the doctor today and he says I lost my mucous plug”

Um EWWWW!!!!! SEriously??? Did I mention that I have read SEVERAL of these this year???


I’m not usually one to be negative, so instead of writing about all the crazy status updates of menstruating women, criminal activity and sexcapades, I’m just gonna post some funny ones I found on the internet For your entertainment…….





Three questions to ask yourself before posting Social media updates:

1. Does the status involve and/or body fluids or secretions of yours or someone elses?

2. Does the status involve a crime, or potential crime that you committed or conspired in?

3. Does the status involve a lewd or descriptive sex act?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, your update could be inappropriate. Consider being a little coy – drop an innuendo instead.





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