A letter to Takoda….everybody’s friend

I don’t know much about you, yet you are the one individual who loves me most on this earth.  I don’t know when you were born, your lineage or even your age. I only know that at this time a year ago, Koy walked in, and approached the bed where I was sleeping with a cold, wet puppy who was very afraid. I immediately objected – but within only a few hours you were my dog and I was your human.


Despite the fact that Koy saved you from being hit by cars on the side of the road, you chose me. I guess you knew how much I needed someone to love me with all of their heart in the most unselfish way possible.  I have only one other dog, and have never known the love and affection that a small dog dedicates to you. All dogs are loyal and affectionate, but you are different from my large newfie. You are my shadow, always there, constantly paying full attention to me. So much as a whimper, raised voice or start from me and you are in full alert always ready to put your tiny little body between me and whatever danger may come.


I may not know much about you, Koda, but I know you have chosen to give your heart to me. I am so glad that you came so unexpectedly into our lives a year ago, you have taught me so much about love.


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