Do You Have An “Eye” For Photography?

Some people have “the eye” Sounds kinda creepy like a classic 50’s thriller. This is what people tell you when you are a natural at taking good photos, or in particular finding beauty in something that everyone else simply as mundane. I can relate, because people are always telling me I have ” the eye”( maybe I should see a doctor about that ) But having it, does not  automatically make you a good photographer. I remember during the first year in business for myself struggling to master my camera. You see, when I learned photography there was always someone around more knowledgeable than myself, so when my camera was doing something abnormal, I would just hand it off and it would be magically re-adjusted for me. Shame on me, I took these learning opportunities for granted, and never asked how or why.


I never asked how or why because I hate electronics and technology… they make me cringe. It’s an irony really, because Photography is one of the most technology based careers I could have chosen, and so I found myself in a bit of a pickle.  I remember how terribly I struggled to master my camera. It took a very long time and was the most unnatural thing in the world for me to get used to. I even considered that since I am no good with technology that I should give up. But I stuck it out and now my camera is an extension of myself. I still shy away from any extra photography equipment.

I have noticed that a photographer who is both a tech junkie, and has ” the eye” is a rare thing. Over the years I have met plenty of photographers who are technologically savvy. They love all the gear, from software to lighting setups they are absorbed in every little megapixel the photography world has to offer. In my experience this photographer thrives in the technical aspects of photography, their images are usually lit to perfection, and look like something epic…worthy of a movie poster.

If you are a photographer, you probably either have the eye, or a healthy enthusiasm for technology. These two traits are a big ” secret ingredient ” in what defines your photography style.  My aversion to technology has made  me very interested in documentary photography, excellent at candid moments, and a lover of natural light. I used to feel bad about not being “well equipped” but these days I’m proud of the simplicity and discretion that using less equipment brings to a wedding day.  Weather your brand of photography is natural and free, or structured and well thought out, don’t feel like you need to do what the other guy is doing, do what feels right and make it a part of your brand.

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