Old Friend { Winston Salem, NC, Kernersville, Wedding Photographer }

For the past eight years you have been my family, my best friend, my most personal confidant. I have cried on your shoulder and loved you to the best of my ability, which will never, in a million years either human or dog, ever measure up to the way you love me.

It feels like our time is running out, I don’t know how many belly-rubs we have left. I’ve watched your eyes change from young, curious and full of life to beautiful calm, and trusting. The sway in your hips grows more and more uneven each day and there’s a grumble now when you lie down next to me. Our daily runs are a thing of the past; and though you eagerly stand by my side at the door your old body can no longer do the things your mind wishes it to.

These past eight years since you have joined our family have been filled with slobbery kisses, long walks, and lots of laughter- but most of all unconditional love at it’s purest;  from the heart of a dog. Happy Birthday Magick we love you so much!!


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Winston Salem, Kernersville Wedding Photographer

Winston Salem Wedding Photography by Winston Salem Photographer, Shanna Duffy
coverage in the Kernersville area, including but not limited to, Winston Salem, NC,
Kernersville, NC Lexington,NC, Thomasville,NC, Greensboro,NC and the surrounding areas.  Please call or Email us for
more information.

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