Keeping an “Attitude of Gratitude” { Greensboro, NC Wedding Photographer }

Always trying to maintain a positive spin on things, I recently heard Sue Bryce talk about an “Attitude of Gratitude ” and found an area where I can use some improving.  I’m definitely guilty of complaining when things are not great, I think we all take the things we have for granted. Practicing Gratitude in your everyday life not only keeps you happier and healthier, but can help you to harvest the things you want and need out of life. In keeping with the topic of Gratitude, I was thinking today of how many simple things that truly bring happiness to my heart and soul.  Here are my top five What are yours???

. Coffee

  Ok…… I’ts no secret I LOVE coffee….. And I am truly grateful to have this pleasure everyday. I was coffee shopping this morning and came across this description they make this coffee sound like it was grown in unicorn poop, and watered in Glacier droplets WOW!!{There is magic in the Andes. A potent energy that imbues the coffee nurtured there with near-mythic flavor. These highly prized Arabica beans, cultivated at high elevation on small farms shadowed by Colombia’s majestic mountains, are a testament to the volcanic soils from which they grow.}

I want a cup. Now.
2.  Rocks
I’ve been a rock/gem/mineral collector since I was seventeen years old. Its a nerdy habit that I love. I am always scanning the ground for something interesting. The reason why I love rocks so much is that I love the energy I feel when around them. It’s similar to how I feel when I’m in the woods, it’s a very spiritual and grounding feeling. I would love to tell you my favorite, but I could never choose, I love them all.
3. Reading
Who Don’t love curling up with a good book? Or instruction Manual? I’m addicted to non-fiction, and read so much I sometimes have eye strain. I read packages, instructions, warnings anything and everything I can get my eyes on. Honestly I don’t know what I would be if I hadn’t fallen so passionately for reading.
4. Cooking
 I LOVE cooking, and it is a spiritual experience for me, but in times of haste or need, it does become a bit of a chore. I cook something special and healthy at least six nights a week for our family of eight. Being an artsy-type person I love the creativity and culture that is expressed in cooking.
5.   Nature
I am most at peace in the woods, Nature has always been my church. There is a connectivity with the earth that feels so right, it is where god speaks loudest to me. Every heard of people who relate more to animals, feel more emotion toward animals than people? That is totally me.

What are some simple pleasures you are most grateful for?

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