Branding and Personality Where do I Draw the Line Between Personal and Professional?

Showing your personality as a business owner can be trickier than RUN DMC rocking a rhyme. How far do you go? How Personal do you get? Where do you draw the line? Ultimately you have to determine what is edgy enough for your brand but I am a very open-minded consumer and the following things have really turned me off from brands in the past.

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  •  Avoid being negative, emotional and don’t use profanity or vulgarity, a good rule of thumb is to talk to social media like you would talk to your mother. That being said, mild profanity of humorous nature can be pretty funny if you have an edgy brand, a great example is Frank’s Red Hot and their ” I put that sh*t on everything” tag line.
  • Be personable….not personal. Do: Talk about your family and how your kids are doing great on their football teams, Dont: Discuss your baby daddy and what a deadbeat he is. Even if it seems relevant or comes up in the conversation, draw the line and stay on this side of it. In person and on social media it is fine to connect relate, and build relationships, but getting too personal can lead to that awkward moment when…..
  • Don’t complain. Complaining or having a bad attitude in person or on social media is terrible for your brand You don’t want your customers to feel like a burden!!
  • Don’t let personal and business mix. Create separate social and business accounts, and post accordingly, but still beware that personal and business lines do cross. Plenty of my customers are Facebook friends.
  • Don’t post only business updates, your customers want to get personal too! A good mix of 30% professional sharing ( blog posts, or posting relevant information )  30% Shameless self Promotion and 40% personable and preferably funny status updates is a great guideline.


So we’ve established where to draw the line, now HOW do you infuse your personality into your business without swinging naked from the chandeliers or cussing like a sailor?

  1. Have an about me page that really lets people get a glimpse into your life. Mine  includes where I live a little about my pets, how long I have been into photography, my fiance,  our kids, and what I do with my spare time. Each of these topics links back to a blog post in greater detail, so people can know as much or as little about me as they want to.abt me collage
  2.  Pick a few causes that YOU are really into, and get involved on Social Media as well as in real life. Share updates, and post photos pertaining to or even better participating in those causes.
  3. Post selfies!! People see way less face these days, and posting selfies is a great way for people to feel a connection to you. Humans connect on a deep psychological level with other human faces. Post appropriate, fun-loving photos of you doing your job, giving back to some charities, loving your family or just update your profile with some stylish crisp headshots, people will feel like they already know you when you have never even met.meandbigblack
  4. Create events!! It don’t have to be a tremendous effort:  maybe a girls night out at a nice local hangout, a meetup  at a coffee shop, or a charity give-away. Creating an event is a way to show off your other interests and talents while getting involved and creating real relationships with your potential customers.
  5. Talk about your photos, instead of just sticking them up on Facebook explain the story behind why each photo is meaningful to yourself as a photographer.
  6. Asking funny hypothetical questions is a great way to show your personality and get people involved with your brand. Some businesses even put a random crazy question at the end of their contact form like- favorite color? These always make me smile.
  7. Talk about other businesses and brands who you love, we can all relate…OMG…I LOVE Starbucks too!!!!!  ( me and about 50 million other people what a coincidence!! ) Sharing and talking about business and product you love will help people to form connections with you through commonalities. It could also make you some new networking buddies._DSC287420131
  8. Create Memes….. This is a great way to show your funny side and get some excellent page activity in social media.
  9.  Packaging, Is a perfect way to show off your branding personality- get a little bit bold choose bright colors or crazy patterns, go super-sleek or super modern. The impression people get from your packaging has a huge impact on how they feel about your brand. Look to big names for inspiration, Patron, Coach, BMW…. there are so many, these companies packaging and branding experiences make you feel good about your purchase.
  10. Dress for success. Of course one of the most superficial ways we can advertize our style, and personal brand is through our looks. If your brand is clean and modern dress clean and modern, if your brand is rustic dress with a rustic flair. When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good you perform good and when you perform good people will evangelize you, thrusting your brand forward.

YOUR BRAND grows by people who choose to support and believe in you because they support and believe the same things you stand for. Don’t be afraid to stand for something!!

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