Five tips for the prettiest “getting ready” photos on your wedding day


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1. Wear a white robe or dress.
Choosing to wear a white robe or dress is simply something most brides won’t think of, but makes a great big difference in how you look in the finished photo. Most brides are wearing sweats on the morning of their wedding so think about it: fluffy white robe or sweatpants?
2. Choose a location that is decorative and suits your wedding day style.
It’s really all about the location. The location you choose will determine the overall style of your photos, from dark and dramatic to light and bright, vintage, modern or romantic the location says it all. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, look around at bed and breakfasts, nice hotels or even a family member’s home until you find the perfect spot to capture the details of your wedding day.
3. Keep at least half of the dressing room clean.
This one can be very difficult, no one understands better than me. More than half of my wedding parties are made up of 10 or more females, leaving a trail of lipstick, nail polish flat-irons and shoes across the bridal suite. Being clear about a designated area ( away from any windows ) where everyones bags shoes, coats ect can go is a great way to keep all of that extra stuff out of your photos.
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4. Open up all of the windows and let beautiful natural light fill the room.
Let there be light!! Lots of it… Please!! I Love when I have a dressing room allowing me lots of beautiful window light. Your skin and eyes will look amazing in getting ready photos if there is an abundance of natural light in the room. Turning off lamps and overhead lights and opening curtains and blinds is the best way to have well lit, and beautiful photos.
5. Have your mom and dad help
It’s pretty typical for the bridesmaids and maid of honor to help with getting dressed, but I am seeing many moms helping out with wedding planning unable to be in the getting ready photos. It really is a shame, some of the prettiest most natural portraits you can have with your parents are the ones taken when you are getting ready. A photo of the first time your dad sees you, or your mom putting on your veil is priceless. Make sure your mom and dad can come spend a little time with you in the bridal suite so we can make those moments happen.


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