When is The Last Time You Reviewed Your Portfolio?

Auditing your portfolio on a yearly basis keeps your images fresh and presentable for clients. Just like you would never show up to a meeting in a wrinkled shirt, your portfolio should be equally fresh, and presentable. I just finished updating mine, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the why and how. I

f I didn’t review my portfolio annually, I would still be showing work from my first year, and If you’ve ever seen my first portfolio, you’ll understand how that could be a problem.
This may ruffle a few feathers, get some goats or even stick in a craw or two but if you don’t feel the need to audit your own work at least annually, you probably aren’t working, learning or changing enough. I LOVE portfolio review time, because I am always acquiring new knowledge and skills. It allows me to go back to old shoots and re-edit photos with new eyes. Treating my own portfolio like a professional job, I gather all images I have interest in, into a single folder. Next , I import them into Adobe Lightroom, and cull, edit and export them leaving behind any images that are no longer a fit with my brand or expertise.

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 Just one look around the internet and you will find lots of home-pages with stale portfolio images obviously taken years ago. Leaving dated work on display sends the message that you are lazy, don’t care about presentation, and are not up to date on the latest techniques. Annual portfolio review allows me to make sure my current work and shooting style is shown throughout my gallery, allowing me to bring in the clients and shoot the weddings I want, and repel the ones I don’t.
One last thing, Don’t forget to take a moment to change your filenames to appropriate keywords, add tags and even captions to your images. Your portfolio photos, probably being your favorites will be all over social media, your blog and your website so make sure to get the most out of your SEO by using all of Lightroom’s features to your advantage.
For more information on portfolio building, reviews, edits and audits here is what famed photographer Zach Arias   and top ten wedding photographer Jasmine Star, have to say. Got anything to add? Your tips and pointers on portfolio review are welcome below!


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