Five Of My Absolute Favorite Photos, that Got No Reaction At All.

Being a photographer is a funny job, there is no real gauge to tell you how you’re doing, no performance reports just critiques and reviews. How much merit is in a review? Your idea of beauty is totally different from mine, beauty is, after all a subjective concept. Many an artist, photographer, painter, poet, has gone an entire lifetime with no recognition of their talent, only to be discovered later. Artists like Vivian Maier , Emily Dickinson or Vincent Van Gogh were never known, appreciated or perhaps understood for their amazing talent.

As I mentioned last week, I have been doing an annual portfolio review, and cleanup and I have come across several images, I thought were some of my most amazing work, only to put them out into the world and wait for it, wait for it….. crickets. Not that I’m fishing for compliments or anything, but I am really interested to hear other artist’s take on this topic. Do you have work you feel is unrecognized, misunderstood, or underappreciated?


Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0070

From Left to Right:

1. A photo snapped on a wedding day of Childress Vineyards at Sunset.

2.  A Photo of my daughter, at night taken with only available light, she was holding and talking to fireflies in our backyard.

3.  One of my first photographs, backlit with a beautiful Bokeh and shallow DOF

4. A papaya shot in my kitchen window with available light

5. Self Portrait using  light coming through the windshield of our car during a rainstorm on the way home from a shoot.

How About you?? Link below to some of your favorite images that didn’t quite get the reaction you were hoping for.


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3 thoughts on “Five Of My Absolute Favorite Photos, that Got No Reaction At All.

  1. Shanna, one cannot create for others; one can only create for oneself and others will or will not like it. If one chooses the former the creativity is not one’s own – just express yourself and if that fails it is not failure – be happy!

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