I Love…. Canvas printing at www.posterburner.com

I was so excited this week to discover www.posterburner.com They offer an awesome 24×36  movie sized poster for only 25.99!!!  The super- easy canvas printing is something I can’t wait to try for myself. If You’re looking for a great easy way to have professional  poster printing go on over to http://www.posterburner.com and give them a try!!


Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, Thomasville, and Kernersville Wedding Photography, Shanna Duffy

Please call or Email  for more information.

3 thoughts on “I Love…. Canvas printing at www.posterburner.com

  1. Hello Shanna. I love reading your posts and looking through your work. My name is Sara and I work for Memory Lane Porcelain Portraits. After seeing this post, I really thought you might like to learn about our Porcelain and Marble Portraits. Memory Lane works solely with professional photographers to provide their clients with unique and beautiful portrait keepsakes. Newborn and wedding sessions have been the most successful for our current photographer clients. They have found that the brides not only love them for themselves, but also as gifts. Last week, we had a client order 30 heart shaped Porcelain Portraits, featuring an image from the engagement session he had done with the a couple, as well as their names and wedding date. He informed us that the bride had decided to use them as the centerpiece on the reception tables and afterwards, hand them out as “Thank You” gifts to family and the bridal party for all of their help with the wedding.

    You images are amazing and I know they would look gorgeous on the Porcelain and Marble Portraits. Our most successful clients have actually included the Porcelain and Marble Portraits in their wedding packages. Let me know what you think!

      1. Shanna, We currently have an online special going on for our Sample Kits. If you purchase a Sample Kit, you get a FREE 5×7 Marble Portrait. The Sample Kit is $75 and includes three Porcelain Portraits, one 3.93″x3.93″ heart, one 4.33″x5.90″ oval and one 5.11″x7.08″ rectangle. You can either include your own images with your order to be placed on the porcelains in your Sample Kit, or you can choose from our images. Usually, our clients decide to use their own images because it allows their clients to see the finished product with the photographer’s own work. The Sample Kit helps to explain the product to the clients and our current clients have informed us that their Memory Lane product sales have increased by 75% since they ordered the Sample Kit.

        Offering the product not only allows you to provide your client with a unique and beautiful keepsake, featuring their favorite image from their time with you, it also increases your profits and clientele. Our clients have reported back to us that since they began offering the Porcelain and Marble Portraits, the amount of referred clients have greatly increased. They are finding that their new clients have seen a Porcelain or Marble Portraits displayed in the homes and offices of friends and loved ones and fell in love with not only the photography, but the portrait keepsake as well. So much so that they asked for the name and contact information of the photographer.

        Our online special is only going on for another week and I would really love to be able to begin working with you. I know your clients would fall in love with the Marble and Porcelain Portraits just as much as I have fallen in love with your photography. Please feel free to email me at sara@porcelainportraits.com for more information. I really hope we can work together soon!

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