The Recipe Box

Growing up we never had much, like I-know-what-government-meat-in-a-can-tastes-like never had much. So the few things we had were precious, especially those that had survived our move to Florida, where most of our worldly possessions were lost.  One of the most prized possessions in our household was Dad’s yellow recipe box.


With It’s yellowed recipe cards, stained and tattered precious remnants of my mother’s and grandmother’s handwriting spelled out concoctions like chicken caccitore, or pineapple upside down cake. My father had over the years, added in his own creations like his famous sweedish cheeseburger .  At some point, later in life the recipe box was lost,  and my dad is still talking about it to this day.

Recently, I decided to start my own recipe box, which seems unnecessary  in this digital age where  I can go online and access any recipe I need, but it was those precious memories that the old yellow box contained, which made it seem like something magical, an experience I want to pass on to my own children.


favorite recipes come and go, but currently I am addicted to this Black Bean salad what are your current faves?? I’d love to see some recipe swapping in the comments below!!

 Form more reads on photography and food, you’ll love Penny De Los Santos ‘ Blog. She is a true inspiration and captures perfectly how food is a universal language that transcends culture.

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