Find your Niche Find your Happiness 4 reasons you might want to find yours.

Three years ago I was photographing all of girls softball in Rural Hall, NC. I did it for two years, for countless hours and made about a hundred bucks. I hated every. single. minute. It was then that I realized I never, ever want to photograph children. I became a wedding photographer, and have been so much happier doing only the type of photography that I feel passionate about.

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There is nothing worse than seeing someone take on too much, it is not cute. Oh… so you’re a photographer, web designer aaaand graphic artist ? Impressive….not.  Sure you can be totally great at all of those things, I am the best cook this side of the Mississippi,  ( If I don’t say so myself )  but you won’t find me running Shanna Duffy’s Photography and Catering anytime soon.  I truly believe you should find one or two things and become an expert in just that, and here’s why:

1. Differentiation. Only 80 of 1,000 photographers has a niche! While they are scrambling trying to figure out babies, bellies and weddings not knowing who their target market is, you can swoop right in and be an expert who is focused to cater that one special type of client.
2. Happiness. You’ll never have to do jobs that you don’t love. When I started out and I was photographing softball I was doing it because I was being paid, I had no creative license. when I photograph a wedding I’m being paid to be an artist; to create something I love to do.
3. Increased skill/ Expertise. When I used to do all types of photography I showed up to a wedding day unsure of myself, but now I consider myself to be well equipped and prepared for anything that may happen on a wedding day, I eat, sleep and breathe wedding photography.
4. Brand yourself. Stand out from the competition, by being exclusive. When people who know me think of weddings, I should hope they think of me. Branding takes a lot of time, but once established is the force that propels your business into success. composed a wonderful article about finding your niche, and a huge list of photography niches that is a great read about this topic. Do you have a niche? what is yours?

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