Going Home…. { Personal Images from New England, North Carolina Wedding Photographer }

It’s been years since I’ve been in Massachusetts, but the second I step foot into the bay state, I feel like I am home. Of all my sisters, I am the one who has spent the most time in the south, and probably the one who loves Massachusetts the most. I miss everything about being a New Englander, and was overjoyed to see the ocean after over a decade of living in-land. Knowing that I only had a week to spend I knew my time on the beach would be short and sweet so I made the most out of every minute.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0103

Although my time back home went by super fast, I soaked up all of the New England I could, even breaking from my vegan diet to eat plenty of Linguica and go to Friendly’s, Dunkin Doughnuts and Whittenton House of Pizza. I visited Patriot place, and Gillette Stadium FINALLY got my #75 t-shirt. Most of all I spent almost everyday on the beach and smelling the familiar and comforting smell of salty sea air. The most precious moments were the ones that didn’t photograph well,  mostly because I was not taking my camera everywhere. But I don’t need the photos, I’ll never forget the bonfires and fireworks on Whitehorse beach. Our feet in the sand while fireworks boomed over the ocean in front of us. Seeing my best and oldest friends in the world, Shannon, Hassie and Wanda was wonderful and getting our kids together is something I’ll never forget. My favorite day though, was walking alone on the beach with Koy. Just taking everything in and enjoying each other’s company and the quiet lull of waves meeting the shoreline- a sound that to me was both familiar and strange at the same time.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0104

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0105

This might be my last time home for a long time, I’m so grateful for every single memory.  Coming back to the Carolinas was really hard. It’s nice to be back in my normal life, but I wish I didn’t have to live so far from the place I will always call home.

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