Becoming Vegan….Again.

About ten years ago, I lived a strict vegan lifestyle, there was only one problem: I hated all vegetables. Why, you might ask on god’s green earth would I become vegan if I hated vegetables? My beliefs in animal rights, and welfare led to the decision, but it turned out  to be disastrous. With a diet of too many vegan chocolate cakes, lots of pasta, olive oil and home- made foccacia, I ballooned up past 300 lbs, I’m pretty certain I was the worlds only 300 lb vegan woman.

vegan wedding photographer

Since then,  I switched back to a traditional diet, with small portions and lots of exercise. In the first  two years I lost 150 lbs and adopted a healthy balanced  lifestyle. In my new life, I have learned to not only love vegetables, but to explore new foods trying things I never dreamed I would eat, but continued to feel guilty for eating meat and dairy.

I  started drinking Kale smoothies to jump- start my day with a healthy dose of veggies. They made me feel so great, that the practice soon snowballed into a vegan diet again. I just wanted to try it for a week at first, but I really didn’t miss meat or dairy at all, so I decided to just do it!  It’s not for everyone, but  I can’t emphasize enough how good I have felt since going vegan. I truly believe that everyone knows what works best for their body, and when something feels good and right you should stick with it.

For information on how and why to go vegan check out this free vegan starter kit

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3 thoughts on “Becoming Vegan….Again.

  1. I am glad that you acknowledged that fact that there can be overweight and obese vegans and vegetarians. I have been saying this for years but few people would listen. Why do we forget about carb and sugar overload?

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