This week I met @SaucedUpShawty from Team Flat Radio, and when he offered to do a feature on Shanna Duffy Photography, I was crazy excited!! They are doing some pretty cool things over there Check out Team Flat Radio!
Founded in 2010, TeamFlatRadio thrives to cater to the underground music world. We believe that the underground musicians are diamonds in the rough and we seek to help them not only promote their music, but try to get their music heard by the right ears. 
@SaucedUpShawty and @twannb founded TeamFlatRadio as a way to kill time but with their passion to help others kept the dream alive. With time and different situations Sauce kept the movement alive. He then started and that’s when the network became real. The site features artist from all over the world. From Cleveland, OH to California and stretching all the way across the deep oceans of the Atlantic to the United Kingdom.
The main goal is to help everyone network and make new business and maybe collab on a project with someone you’ve met thru us ! We support all artist, photographers, music artist, community clubs and organizations and etc !


If you’re interested in joining the movement and have your website and brand seen across the web, email us a brief bio, a picture and a link to your website to!
Teamwork makes the dream work – Let’s work together and form an unstoppable movement !!
Make sure you check out #TeamFlatRadio streaming live via shows are coming soon
Go check out my sites:
Twitter and IG: @TeamFlatRadio

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