Our Family

Since I started blogging a couple of years ago, I have been writing about my family, but we have not been properly introduced..meet my family!

From Left to right:


Koy, the greatest partner a woman could ask for my fiancee since 2006 and love of my life.

Raven, my oldest son, he is an awesome 17 year old Autistic blogger and member of FFA.

Maddi, our oldest daughter, who is kind and helpful, and has beautiful red hair that she just donated to locks of love.

Jaylen, our youngest son, who is a math genius, an honor student and loves video games.

Lilly, stuck in the middle, she is sensitive optimistic and sweet. Lilly loves cooking with me, and wants to be a chef someday.

Bri, is always lending a hand to someone, she is tough, and cares about everyone. She has the most amazing curly hair you’ve ever seen.

Empress, our baby, she just started kindergarten, and might be the smallest kid in the class. She is smart, fierce, and stubborn.

Shanna ( me ) Obsessed wedding photographer and super- mom extraordinaire.



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