Into the Wild, a Weekend Unplugged{ Personal Images, North Carolina Wedding Photographer}

A couple of times a year I just need to turn off. You know, unplug from the cell, laptop, online workshops, email and especially telemarketers. Last weekend we had a rainy weekend camping trip and It was just what the doctor ordered. I feel renewed and vital again, something I can only get by sitting under a tree, or running my hands along cold, smooth rock.  After a short hike, and relaxing by a cold mountain stream, I am ready to take on the world once again.  I have been trying to incorporate an unplugged day once a week into my life, but have not made it a priority, it’s something I am resolving to work harder at. Anyone else unplug? how do you do it?



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3 thoughts on “Into the Wild, a Weekend Unplugged{ Personal Images, North Carolina Wedding Photographer}

  1. LOL. I often think about unplugging but find it very hard to do so. I can’t tell you the last time I just sat back and enjoyed music. My wife and I are heading down to Mexico next week for one of my best friends weddings and this will be the perfect opportunity for my wife and I to enjoy a little alone time. But in the back of my mind I am thinking about which camera and lenses to bring and I am not even shooting the wedding lol. Maybe one day this weekend I will spend some time with Fiona Apple and Sheryl Crow 🙂 Love the photo and this post! Glad that you were able to unplug and breath in the fresh air.

  2. Ugh hard to unplug but I feel it coming up. I try and plan time where my phone isn’t with me. AT ALL. I have an old iTouch that I keep on Airplane mode and is fully loaded with music – I use that instead. But going off with my hubby for get away weekends like this? Those are the best. I LOVE the pic of the pup enjoying a getaway

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