Three Reasons Why Open Windows will make your photos Brilliant

In Previous posts I have described myself as a natural light photographer. You can read here why I am oh- so – passionate about sunlight, and shooting in natural light. As a bride, I will be sure to have as much natural light available as possible on my wedding day and here’s three reasons why I think it is so important: 

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0233

1. Softness. Natural light can sometimes be harsh, but is usually is usually soft when coming through a window. Softer light, means softer skin. With the right photographer behind the lens, Soft light can help to “buff” out many minor wrinkles, blemishes and imperfections, leaving your skin with a beautiful flawless glow that will make you look and feel as perfect as you has always dreamed of looking on your wedding day.

2. Color. Natural light has beautiful color, or rather in comparison to orange lamps, or green fluorescent; a lack of color. It might be something a professional photographer understands better, but to put it simply all light is not equal. Lamps and overhead lights that are in your typical room give an orange light that makes orange, and ruddy skin tones. Fluorescent lights are by far the worst, casting the lovely greenish glow of someone suffering a case of sea-sickness. Trust me, you do not want your skin to glow like that on your wedding day!

3. Creativity. Open windows make it easy for your photographer to get those cool artistic shots, you probably have seen all over PiNTEREST like silhouettes, Rim Lighting, Hair Light, high- key and lens flares. With a readily available light source ( the sun ) there is much less set- up and planning involved, leaving your photographer free to focus on moments, not equipment.

So, don’t be afraid to open up all of those windows and let the light flood in, your photographer will thank you !

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5 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Open Windows will make your photos Brilliant

  1. Hi there, Shanna. So please to meet you and I’m thoroughtly enjoying your site! I have to say that I love your intro/about page with various pieces of info that go along with photos. A great way to let folks see/know what you’re up to. Very, very cool. In line with that, you’re in W-S; I’m in GSO. Your from Taunton, my brother lives in Norton. You believe you write better than speaking to get your thoughts across and that has always been my M.O. as well. It is, indeed, a small world! Thanks so very much for visiting and liking my blog as well! Let’s both enjoy our future journeys!!

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