I LOVE showing clients the back of my camera, do you?


The back of your camera, it is a very personal space. Lots of photographers have a rule, they never show clients the back of their cameras, saying they have to edit first. I am one of the photographers who sees merit in showing my clients the back of my camera and here’s why:


1. Excitement. When I am photographing a client my excitement is palpable. I am about as hype as a three-year-old on kool aid, and cupcakes. Showing the back of my camera lets my clients in on the big secret, why I am so passionate and excited? Cause you look AMAZING!!

2. Cause I got it like that. Ok, ok, ok, that was a little cocky- obviously I’m no Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, I am always working on becoming a better photographer- but I can show images straight out of camera and even shoot JPEG…..( GASP ) because my exposure is correct 99 percent of the time and I am not ashamed of what I am seeing.

3. Permission to be beautiful. A phrase I am borrowing from Jasmine Star, World famous wedding photographer. Clients are usually timid, you can feel as though you are being scrutinized when someone is pointing a camera at you!! Showing clients a good image is a great self- esteem booster.

4. Bonding. I want my clients to fee like I am touchable, personable, and approachable. On a wedding day if I need to grab a brides dress and pull it up, I want her to be comfortable with me doing so. Waiting for everyone to stop talking to her so I can ask her to pull it up herself? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Sharing the back of the camera helps break down personal space issues.

5. Once you do it they rarely ask. I used to keep the back of my camera secret because I thought it was the professional thing to do, I also thought the clients would pester me for the whole shoot looking at each shot. I would often tell clients no, and felt badly about it. Ever since I have started sharing the LCD screen, clients rarely look more than once. I find that they just need a visual reinforcement that they are doing a good job and they are satisfied.

What do you think? Am I all wrong? Is showing your clients the back of your camera teaching them the wrong thing? Do you show the back of your camera? If so why? Why not?

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5 thoughts on “I LOVE showing clients the back of my camera, do you?

  1. I think that, that is a good thing, to show them the back of your camera, I do that from time to time. Maybe if I have done a pose and they feel as of they look wired in it, If the time is permitted, I am willing to redo that pose in that moment. So no you are not wrong in my opinion, keep doing what you do 🙂

  2. I take joy in showing the back of my camera…In many instances I can feel or see where someone wants to ask me, but are inhibited. I will go to them right after the shot to tame their curiosity and get that smile! 🙂

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