4 things that might be scaring your clients away….

I may have mentioned a time or two on this blog, that I am a wedding photographer, and because of that I am going to talk in terms of photography business, however I believe this advice is universal to any small business. Recently I have begun a search for my own wedding photographer, and it is driving me nuts!! I have found several that I like very much and am talking with them now { YAY! } , but for every one I contacted there were at least ten I did not and the reasons I did not contact them have inspired this very post. Here are 4 things that made me cringe, and run the other way….


1. Bad , or no profile/ bio photos. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and maybe my profile photo is not your cup of tea, and that is fine, I’m not saying your photo needs to be award winning, but When you are running a business that requires trust you need to connect with clients! Here are a few guidelines you should consider-  Have a photo!! First and foremost; show me who you are! Your profile photo should also be well lit, show your face clearly, and NO sexy/ duck faces!

2. Slow to return leads. We all get away from ur to- do list every now and then, myself included, but your new and potential clients will think it is normal behavior for you if you take three days to return their call. If I can’t get a hold of you before you get my money, what will it be like once I hire you? Every bride has heard the nightmare story of a friend’s friend who didn’t get their photos back for a year, so nip that fear in the bud! Establish excellent customer service in the beginning and throughout your relationship .

3. Horrible business cards. This weekend I asked for a fellow vendor’s card and I was handed  a white card with black text that was bent, wrinkled and soaked in sweat- no, seriously it was. And I handed him back a crisp colorful card branded with my business logo that cost me about 3 cents. The Point is- your brand is in everything you do! Don’t forget the details….and don’t let your brand be sweaty and wrinkled up.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings..... Identity protected.
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings….. Identity protected.

4. Old News. Way too frequently I would scout out a photographer based on some photos I saw on his/ her FB news feed and go to their website only to find a gallery full of junk. I am assuming this is because they have blossomed into a better photographer over the years and forgot to update their website, but it was enough to turn me off. As a bride I want to trust you, I need to see a continuous stream of your work across all media outlets that shows me the caliber of photography I can realistically expect from you. Another turn- off was blogs that had not been updated for months. Not all brides will look at this, but some will! Stay on top of your game and handle your business so I can trust you to handle mine.

I have tried to “put myself in a brides shoes” many times when establishing my own business, but I never learned so much about what a bride looks for in a photographer as I am right now, as an actual real bride. Planning this wedding is already a learning experience and we are an entire year away. I have a new- found respect and understanding for what my brides have to go through to plan their wedding day. 

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