Are you an Introvert? I Am.

Never in a million years, if you told me I would be blogging on a regular basis, would I believe you. Although I love to communicate through writing, I have never been especially interested in writing other than in my childhood. As a matter of fact communication in general is a real challenge for me. You might not even know it, because people tell me I do a pretty good job at hiding it, but I have an extremely difficult time talking to people. Even simple greetings cause me to have severe anxiety, I second guess if I am saying the right things, or practicing the correct social graces every minute of my life.
My ideal day would be to be one- hundred percent alone, with some good food maybe a bubble bath, a lot of music and a great book or documentary. My favorite place in the world is inside of my own head. But, let me elaborate a little because this makes me sound like some sort of social freak who hates people, that couldn’t be more wrong.
I am extremely sensitive, empathetic and compassionate and generally find something to like in about everyone I meet. I Love people, but have difficulty interacting with them. Because I am so introverted, I communicate much better via writing. Email is definitely my preferred way to communicate. I feel like I can express my thoughts more freely in writing, which is probably why I have begun to enjoy blogging so much, it is a wonderful outlet to share the things I know and love with the world. I have met a community of special and amazing bloggers, who are supportive, creative and interesting. Thank you to all of the bloggers who have been so kind and supportive this past year, you have made the “odd man out” feel very welcome.

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