Why Curating Your Images is One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Do.




Sometimes I second… no third guess my blog posts. Still learning, growing and becoming a better photographer myself I am often reluctant to write about things I am still working on, like my portfolio and image curation. I still struggle with curating my images, but I DO know it is one of the most important things to learn.


As a photographer, what you don’t show is more important than what you do show. Yup- sounds so wrong, but it is so right.  For instance, the collage below- I LOVED this wedding, and was so excited to put the images out into the world, I didn’t really take the time to curate the images. I still love most of them, but there are a few in this collage that do not go with my brand/ aesthetic, I should not have shown these publicly. Showing too much weakens the impact of your great images. I once heard a quote that if you had to explain a photo, much like a good joke, it just wasn’t that good. Anyone should be able to view your work and have a clear message of who you are and what you do.
Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0249

Having a beautifully maintained portfolio is one of the best things you can do. I often times think people get too hung up on the details, how many photos should I have in my portfolio, should it be digital or print, black and white or color?  But More important than any of that is that you are expressing yourself as an artist through the images you add into your portfolio. The other part of curation, that I am currently working on is perfecting the chosen images to a “T” for presentation. This includes things like dodging and burning, matting, framing, even a lowly collage is a form of curation- I am choosing how the viewer takes my images in.


Since this is still an area where I am trying to improve, I would love to welcome tips on the curation of images. Please, leave a comment below with your best advice!



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