Your Camera Takes Really Good Pictures!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the absolute worst thing you can say to a professional photographer. It is exactly like walking right up to Picasso and telling him his brushes make one hell of a painting. This has been said to me quite a few times, and I’m sure innocently enough, but every single time it is like getting punched in the gut. When you work REALLY REALLY REALLY tirelessly to get better at your craft, it is a soul crushing thing to hear.

The inspiration for this post was actually a photo taken, with my camera- I did my best to rescue the moment with photoshop, It was sweet, the bride whom I have grown to like very much over the past few months, needed a little help pinning her gown. I put my camera down to help her, and her sister picked it up and snapped a few shots.

Veronica+Jason Asheville North Carolina Wedding Grand Bohemian Hotel-198


I love that she did that- and I love the photo as is, and I hope this don’t sound like I am criticizing her, because I’m totally not- I just want to point out what happens if you just pick up a “nice camera” and take pictures.  When I was trying to fix it, I just kept thinking- I wish all of those people who think I have a nice camera could see what happens if you were to use it without the thousands of combined hours of experience and education that I have worked so hard for.  Has anyone ever said this to you? How do you respond to that??


4 thoughts on “Your Camera Takes Really Good Pictures!

  1. Lol. This happens alot when Marcus and I are shooting a wedding. Often times I think they are just trying to get information on the brand and camera you use. And sometimes you get the feeling that they think if they had your camera they would be as good or better lol.

    1. I do feel like that, then when I get home I often wonder if it is my own insecurity assuming people think that way. Last year, I really had an eye- opening experience, I blogged about it here: It really changed my self confidence and I think because of that, I can take comments like this, with more grace than I used to, lol!

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