Koy + Shanna Romantic and Intimate a Wedding at Willow Cove on Echo Lake, in Fairview NC Wedding Photographer

Our story began seven years ago. on October 26th 2006. I was 26 years old, and had just gone through the female version of a mid-life crisis. I say female version, because I have found that us { girls } go through a sort of evaluation of our lives, at around the age of 25 and if things are not how we expected them to be, so many of us make big and sudden changes, as did I.

I had been living a life that was all about everyone else, living in a body I hated that weighed over 300 lbs. When I turned 25 it just all came into focus, I wanted things, I wanted to do things, be things, have my own things, experience things. So I just decided to lose the weight, and I did- quickly. I meant business. As the weight came off I slowly came out of my shell, even made a few friends, left the house more often, and one night got reluctantly talked into going out to my first night club.

Now this is a lot of backstory for a wedding post, but this wedding post is different, because this time it is my story to tell. That night I met Koy, and my life was never the same. Now, I know not everyone believes in fate, destiny, serendipity, soul mates…. but I do, religiously. That night I met the soul that belongs with mine and our lives changed forever.

When you first meet your soulmate, of course anyone with a rational mind, is not going to recognize and admit it, wouldn’t you call me crazy if only a few minutes after meeting someone I didn’t even know, I proclaimed he was the person I would spend the rest of my life with? Just call it intuition. There was something about this guy that pulled me to him, like he had hijacked my mind he was all I could think about. At the end of the night, I knew I just couldn’t let him slip away. Even though we barley talked, the connection was so strong between us. He felt it too because he made an excuse to get my number. We wouldn’t see each other again for a month, but we talked on MySpace and fell in love hard, and fast. I have all of our saved messages, and looking back on them, it is shocking how fast we fell in love with each other- and only through messages.

Now, falling in love is supposed to be a beautiful thing, but in our case it was painful, disastrous, and horrible. What I failed to mention is that Koy and I were both in long term relationships with kids. Relationships that were not what we wanted out of life. In order to enjoy the love and happiness that we found in each other we had to devastate our lives, and our families. it took almost two years for our lives and our families to resume back to normal, but it got better, little by little our life got better.

This year we are celebrating our 8th Christmas together and we couldn’t be more in love. After just walking down the aisle a month ago we are finally husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Williams. One morning, the first week in October I just woke up, and wanted to elope. Koy and I had recently been inspired by a wedding we shot only a week before, in Asheville North Carolina.  So I did a little research online and just about when I was going to give up I found Willow Cove on Echo Lake. In only a few weeks Jean and Fred had an entire elegant, and intimate wedding put together for us. It was the best thing we’ve ever done, just like the beginning of our relationship, this wedding was both unexpected and meant to be. I can’t imagine any other wedding being as perfect for us, standing atop a mountain, in my Vera Wang gown I was on top of the world. I have never seen Koy in a suit, and couldn’t look at him because I was unsuccessfully trying not to cry at the sight of him. Between Koy, and my fully grown and incredibly handsome son all dressed up I just fell to pieces. 

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0294 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0295 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0296 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0297 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0298 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0299 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0300 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0301 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0302 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0303 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0304 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0305 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0306 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0307 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0308 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0309 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0310 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0311 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0312 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0313 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0314 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0315 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0316 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0317 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0318 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0319 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0320 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0321 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0322 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0323 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0324 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0325 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0326 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0327 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0328

A slight break in ceremony, due to me forgetting the ring we bought for his mother, allowed me to get myself together. Standing, interwoven with the branches of a willow tree our ceremony was emotional, romantic and intimate. Koy and I chose to do a “ring warming” ceremony, where we passed our wedding rings around to each of our guests for them to pray over and bless with their love and support for our marriage.  We exchanged rings, said traditional vows, and then spoke from our hearts our promises to each other. After jumping the broom the night was full of sparkling pink moscato, an intimate dinner party and lots of toasting. An almond wedding cake, and candy buffet were the sweet ending before a long drive home for our guests. 

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0329 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0330 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0331 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0332 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0333 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0334 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0335 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0336 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0337 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0338 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0339 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0340 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0341 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0342 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0343 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0344 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0345 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0346 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0347 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0348 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0349 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0350 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0351 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0352 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0353 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0354 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0355 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0356 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0357 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0358

Koy and I got to stay in the bridal suite overnight, welcomed by a relaxing soak in the hot tub, we slept like babies. With beautiful lake views we watched the sun come up and then enjoyed a gourmet breakfast, made to order before heading into Asheville to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon drinking craft beer and eating way too much.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0359 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0360 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0361 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0362 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0363 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0364 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0365 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0366 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0367 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0368 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0369 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0370 Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0371


It is an exciting new chapter in our lives, and I am so excited to share my own wedding photos here amongst all of the other wonderful brides I have come to know and love.  For the complete story of Koy’s and my wedding day, watch our wedding day slideshow on Youtube Thank you to Photography by Jean elizabeth, for our beautiful wedding photos! 

8 thoughts on “Koy + Shanna Romantic and Intimate a Wedding at Willow Cove on Echo Lake, in Fairview NC Wedding Photographer

  1. Thank you for your post. I’m a wedding photographer in Chicago, and I had been looking at locations in the NC mountains area, and you sound a lot like me… literally, the photography, the age 25 midlife crisis and losing weight, children from a previous relationship (on my fiances side) and all. I hate planning and wanted to elope, and your account has made me confident in my desicion to go with Willow Cove.

    Thanks for the pictures and your blog!

    1. Amber that is awesome!!!! I am so glad you liked it….how funny we have so many detailed things in common lol!!!! You will adore Jean and Fred i couldnt even express in that blog post how amazing both they and willow cove are!!!! Our wedding was magical, romantic, and perfect. Fred and Jean took every singl err worry from us and mafe all of our wishes come true they are really the best!! Congratulations on your ypcoming marriage!!!! We should totally keep in touch my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/shannaduffy

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