{Wedding Wednesday} Getting ready for your bridal portraits…how to sparkle for the camera

As I am packing up for what is sure to be a cold and windy bridal session this afternoon, I have a few tips for the bride to be to consider during her bridal portraits.

1. Wear your makeup heavier than usual, so that it will have an impact. As a bride myself, I was uncomfortable with this at first, but with great blending and  false eyelashes my heavy makeup looked very glamourous in person and pretty natural in photos.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0302

2. Now is your chance- If you want to do something crazy, a belt, hat, fur coat or even a leather jacket now is the time. Your wedding day will be so busy you most likely won’t get a chance to try a whole lot of fun and creative photos, so your bridal photos are a great chance.


3.  Be yourself. Just take a deep breath, and relax, remember to keep your posture straight but not stiff, and have fun with it!!

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0144

4. If you want to protect your shoes, and be comfortable  you might want to save the shoe shots for your wedding day.  If the hemline of your gown is long, you won’t see the shoes anyway, so go ahead and wear something comfortable for your bridal portraits. Although, one exception is if your body silhouette changes drastically in your gown with and without heels do a trial run when you go for your final fitting.

5.Tell Your Photographer what you want. It might be simply that you want to look thinner, or as complicated as a replica of your mom’s bridal portrait. You might want fashion, inspired, sexy or very traditionally styled portraits but your photographer will never know unless you share your ideas. As a wedding photographer, I thrive off of my clients ideas, they give me new inspiration to create things I would not have normally and challenge me to learn and try new things.


Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, Thomasville and Kernersville Wedding Photographer: Shanna Duffy

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