My Cat, the Serial Killer. { Winston Salem North Carolina, Wedding Photographer, Personal stories}.

In this world there are cat people and dog people. I adore my dogs, and all animals for that matter, but if I had to choose, I would consider myself a cat person.



Four years ago we found a tabby kitten on Craig’s list, and brought him home. The Kids named him Case.

Case is the perfect combo of a sweet affectionate pet, and a cold-blooded serial killer. At night he will snuggle in bed, purring and “making biscuits ” with his paws.  By day, Case is on the hunt killing anything that moves. This week his gift to us was a rabbit leg, sometimes it’s a mouse, a snake, frogs, lizards you name it he kills it.

Funny thing is, we have three guinea pigs in an open environment, and he’s never laid a paw on them.  When we got rid of our litter boxes a few years ago and trained him to use the bathroom outside we quickly realized we had found the awesomest cat- ever.

IMG_20131204_08090733634_1509979822612_4723254_n_DSC289220132For the love of cats:  Here are ten of the most famous internet cats, including the e- harmony cat lady, Keyboard cat, and  a video of grumpy cat- He’s not photo- shopped, who’d have known?


If you’re a cat-person here is some HILARIOUS reading, from the Oatmeal, and extremely talented artist who is side-splittingly funny. 

I would love to hear what you think….  What is the weirdest thing your cat has ever brought home? Leave your best cat stories in the comments below!!

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