Koy { Personal Images, North Carolina Wedding Photographer }

My Husband, Partner in crime, bestie for life…my ride or die…..my business partner. Clients are always commenting on how great we work together, and I think I’ll have to agree- I can’t imagine anyone that could care more about my business or have my back the way that  Koy does. When I started going to school for Photography, he was my biggest cheerleader, even though he knew in this business there was a great chance of failure, Koy believed in me every step of the way and continues to encourage me to reach further and try harder. Even though I often tease him for his sometimes cheesy photo ideas, I have to admit they work out about half of the time.

Some of my favorite snapshots of Koy, he is a big goof-ball!
Some of my favorite snapshots of Koy, he is a big goof-ball!

We make a great couple, both in our personal lives and behind the camera, in the moments on a wedding day when I need something Koy is always there to rescue me. He hangs out with the groom, groomsmen and their families, he helps wrangle together all of the family members for formal portraits, he carries bags, moves furniture and changes batteries I couldn’t do a wedding without him, and I am so thankful for all he does. 

After eight years of being in love and an almost equally long engagement, we finally had our own intimate and romantic wedding in Asheville, North Carolina. Our Wedding gave us both an even better prospective on what it is like to be on the other end of wedding photography, and it made us both better photographers, we headed back to Winston Salem with lots of new ideas about what brides are looking for.  I am so grateful to have the greatest partner in all aspects of my business and life….here’s to an amazing 2014 as we continue to learn and grow together.


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