If You Don’t Tell Them Why They Need You…..They Won’t Need You. Educating Your Clients on the Advantages of a Professional Photographer

When talking to newly engaged couples, I am always looking for ways to show the value that a professional photographer brings to a wedding day. It is after all, our job to educate our clients, to “sell ourselves ” if you will. So what separates you from Uncle Bob?  In this age of digital photography, more than ever before we must show brides the value of our skills and services. We must educate them, so that whichever decision they make is a well- informed one. 

The images below, I thought make a wonderful example of how a professional creates an image versus someone simply taking a photo. These two images may look completely different, but they are almost exactly the same. Surprisingly the only photo-shopping done was to clone out a few imperfections in the brick ( the drain and a few small cigarette butts) I added a little vignetting  around the edges to emphasize the spotlight look.

The photo on the left, shows the overall scene and the image on the right is what I captured after getting a little closer, and bumping up my ISO to capture the ambient light of a car’s headlights that happened to be pointed at the couple in the parking lot. As you can see in the original photo, a good exposure of this parking lot was not very beautiful or romantic.  It only took a moment to set this shot up the way I wanted, because in the scene on the left- I saw what was ultimately produced on the right. Knowing how to find the beauty in everyday scenes is what a professional photographer does. 

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0422

Of course, there are many other reasons why a professional is well worth the money spent, just the piece of mind alone is enough of a reason to invest in a professional photographer!

Here are just a few reasons why a professional photographer is invaluable:

  • Backup Equipment, Insurance and in-case-of-emergency plans
  • Education, skills and Experience to deal with any situation
  • Professional quality Cameras, not just a kit DSLR
  • Accountability- I’m sure you’ve heard of the friend who got her photos back a year later
  • Contract- You and your Photographer need to know what to expect from one another.
  • The photos will document everything, some say the most important part of the wedding expenses.

If you’re a bride make sure you can trust the person who is capturing your wedding day. If you are a professional photographer, be sure to tell your clients why they need a professional photographer- Remember, our clients don’t spend all day reading photography books you have to tell them why YOU are better because they won’t know unless you tell them the difference!! 

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