The Story Behind the story……

Being a wedding photographer it is really easy to get caught up obsessed with the bride. After-all, it’s her show right? Recently I was married to Koy, my business partner and Fiancee of 8 years. Getting married gave us a fresh prospective on what a bride really wants to remember about her day.

At my latest weddings, I have been really looking for the stories behind the stories. Instead of just following my bride like the paparazzi, I am looking around her to see how the wedding is affecting those closest to her. At Lynsey and Travis’ wedding last week at the Arbors in Cleveland, North Carolina as the bride’s sister stood up to give a toast, I photographed the event as usual, but noticed another story, going on in the periphery;  their proud father- beaming at his beautiful girls, champagne glass in the air. I turned to him and snapped that photo, because as a bride I would have treasured a moment like that. A few moments later as he proudly exclaimed Nostrovia! to his young grandson I couldn’t help but to be touched that I was so honored to photograph this intimate moment of a grandfather showing his young grandson how to make a toast.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0633

The sister of the bride was not just that- they were obviously best friends, and after observing them together I began to understand their relationship more and more. Myself having a sister in Massachusetts, I could feel the joy they shared that they were together in this day, As I watched them dance on the dancefloor, I could only imagine they must have danced together as little girls like my sisters and I did, I wanted to catch every moment they had together, telling the story of two sisters.

Travis+Lynsey The Arbors, Cleveland North Carolina Wedding

As a bride, you miss everything!! As a photographer these are moments that you can fill in for the bride, making her heart soar as she sees all of the candid moments, reliving the emotions. Knowing that everyone had a wonderful time on her day is very very important to her, and capturing the stories behind the story are the only way to show her they did.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0640

A lot of us artists are introverted, myself included, and even though I am shy and awkward at talking to other people, I am slowly learning to come out of my shell and ask questions  At an upcoming wedding  I already know the bride won’t have parents, but since I asked about the people special to her and the groom, I found out that her god- parents are a precious presence in her life.

As a photographer a few things you can are:

1. Look around, observe

2. Ask questions.

3. Introduce yourself to anyone you can when you have a spare second.

 After each wedding I thank Brides and grooms for allowing me into their life, because that is exactly what happens; for that one little fraction of their life we are a member of their inner-circle of friends and family. Start learning a little about the lives of the bride and groom, and you will begin to understand all of the people and relationships surrounding this special occasion, you will capture moments and emotions bringing your photography to life. 


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