Re-Establishing Goals for Weight Loss Maintainence

Today I thought I would share something personal, something too many of us have in common- a personal struggle with obesity and discipline.

Recently after some long overdue doctor visits I learned that I gained back 30 of the 150 lbs I lost. You might think big deal since I’m still coming out 120 lbs ahead, but it IS a big deal.


Most people who lose weight gain it all back- all plus some. I have done well. Keeping that much weight off for now ten years is commendable, but my discipline has become lax and I must be honest with myself.

As of this morning I am recommitting myself to the the rules that I used to live by, the rules that helped me lose 150 lbs in just over a year….the rules of weight loss. Here is the real secret to weight loss : burn more than you consume. Its simple math, and math don’t lie -its exact, thats the secret. Here are the rules I follow to maintain a healthy weight:


1. Work or daily step count are not exercise even when you feel that you have done a lot! It drives me nuts to see people with their step counters, these little gadgets encourage people to take exercise credit where credit is NOT due.
2. Find your trigger foods and ban them completely allow only yourself to consume them on your bday/anniversary/insert special occasion here. My trigger foods are bread eaten by itself, peanut butter eggs, and pasta. These are the foods that to me might as well be crack cocaine I just can not put on the brakes when I eat them.

3. Exercise is not a choice. First lets define exercise, if your heartrate is not raised or you breath fast you are not exercising. I dont care if you walk five miles if you do it at a leisurley pace you just wasted your time. I never knew that until i began my weightloss journey. Even if you  have no time squeeze at least something in everyday without fail.Some of us simply cant manage our weight without daily exercise.Exercising daily revs up the metabolism allowing your body to be an efficient calorie burning machine. Exercise moves things along through the digestive tract. Exercise also burns calories of course, the ultimate key to weight loss. Another  important factor for me is hormone regulation. I suffer from severe anxiety and multiple panic attacks daily. The hormones secreted make my metabolism even more sluggish but exercise helps my stress and anxiety. I mention this because most of us have some sort of regular stresses in our life which can make weight loss even that much more difficult. Finally, exercise decreases appetite. I dont know why but it just does. Its tough, I understand!! Most of us hate exercise, I get tired and winded really fast, and as a busy mom of six, wife and business owner I have a list of excuses to not work out.

4. Get back on the wagon! Eating one bad thing is no reason to derail and go on an eating binge…. come on…really??  You think its a good idea to go ahead and consume 2000 extra calories cause you already ruined your diet with an Oreo? ? Thats just silly. if you mess up forgive yourself and move on.

5. Wear less clothes. …it totally encourages you to stay on track. Seeing your body ultimagives you willpower to do what is needed. Hiding your body under sweats is the easiest way to get fat without noticing or “forget” to work out.
6. Count those calories keep a system like silly bands or monopoly money….maybe a pocket of coins to easily track what you are “spending” in calories.

7. Keep hydrated. It keeps the digestive system moving and increases energy and focus helping you to avoid that feeling of lethargy we often get when dieting.

8. Dont eat crap.
Eat crap feel like crap then crave even more crap. Its a vicious cycle. You dont need to go out and buy ten pounds of hemp granola or learn how to cook quinoa; an apple will suffice. Perhaps a garden salad or some beans there are normal, healthy and whole foods readily available everywhere. The test of your willpower is weather you choose to eat them or the crap.

9. Put your fork down!!!! Slow down your eating by literally placing the fork down in between bites. Take a breath , or a drink -truly savor the bite in your mouth. Challenge your tastebuds to pick out and distinguish flavors and textures. Being satisfied with your meal and your choice of fresh foods will keep you from justifying a cheeseburger later. It allows you to be satisfied with a smaller portion. One of the keys to losing weight is reducing portions to the size of a small plate.

10. Scales are not an accurate measure of fitness or fat loss. Muscle, water…even the food in your digestive system all make the numbers on the scale move. After a week of your best behavior seeing the scale tip up is the last thing you need. Measure your success by the way you feel and your pants size.


Im looking forward to feeling better over the next few weeks and hope that my weight loss journey
can help others to find their willpower and finally commit to a healthier lifestyle. I would love your feedback comments and questions on the subject of weight loss, add your
two cents below!


What do you think?

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