Sunday Unplugged:

This adorable Image via my sister- Thanks Chyenne!!!!

Just recently my family agreed to start unplugging from electronics on Sundays. This was our first Sunday unplugged. We all hung out in the yard enjoyed fresh air, good food and glass after cold glass of sweet tea. It was a little bit of a slow start, to be honest I’m not sure if we all knew what to do when we got outside but soon we started having a great time. Before realized it was dark outside and time to go in.

Today I feel so refreshed and eager to answer my emails. When you’re a small business owner your work seems to never end there’s always another phone call another email to answer or another task to do. Stepping away from everything and truly taking a break to enjoy my life and family was very relaxing.

In this electronic age where we no longer make eye contact with each other where we don’t look at people in the face when we speak to them, where the people we are talking to are at the other end of a computer somewhere instead of in our living room. I think it’s a great tradition to teach our children to step aside every now and then….to enjoy what’s real.


What do you think?

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