What I’ve learned About Wedding Photography so far…Eighteen ways you can learn from my mistakes

Wedding Photography is a serious job, after all we only have one chance to get it right. Even the best laid plans are riddled with mistakes lessons, making every wedding in my career a learning experience.




Here are some of my most recent lessons:

  1.  Plan for nothing, Almost nothing but be prepared for everything. You will be amazed what can happen on a wedding day!
  2.  Do the Grandparents portraits first, even if it messes up your portrait schedule, don’t make them wait around it’s rude.
  3.  Don’t get so caught up with the bride that you alienate the groom’s family. Be sure they feel every bit as important it’s their day too!
  4. Always be sure you have a place for big enough for portraits, especially when you have 12 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen and 3 flower girls.
  5.  Go with the flow. Don’t interrupt important parts of the day to compose your photo, suck it up and find a way to shoot it. ( I once worked with a photographer who re-positioned the flower girl mid- ceremony !!!! )
  6.  It is not about location, it is about lighting and emotion.
  7.  Always bring all of the bags inside…you DO need them weather you think so or not.
  8. Drink water, lots of water at weddings or you will pass out the next day during a client meeting and look like a total flake.
  9. It might not be the grandmother, she might be the stepmother….oops always ask about those special situations.
  10. Wear a big smile, be helpful and kind. Without fail people will tell you how awesome you are before they see a single photo.
  11. Always wear closed toe shoes or risk angering bees as you walk through the grass ( ouch !)
  12. Most equipment is un-needed and just in the way! Get good glass good light, take some classes and create!Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0795
  13. Make sure you don’t put the bride’s home address in your GPS by mistake on the way to the ceremony.
  14. Don’t tell brides when something small goes wrong cause they won’t notice and don’t need stress.
  15. Never let your assistant drive a motorcycle during wedding season or he might shatter his ankle, leaving you assistaint-less.
  16. Don’t make plans or appointments the day after a wedding if possible. Wedding “hangover” is real and it will take your legs.
  17. If you are in The South, like I am here in North Carolina- Be sure that your bride and wedding party know to drink plenty of water, or an ambulance will have to be called when heat stroke ensues.
  18. Every family has a crazy uncle who is the life of the party….it’s a fact.

What do you think?

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