4 Tips to look Brilliant for your Upcoming Engagement Session { North Carolina Wedding Photographer }

Here in North Carolina I might have a bride in platform heels or maybe she’s in flip flops….even sneakers. Your personal style is your statement to the world, and how you look in your engagement photos, sets the precedent of style for you and your Husband-to-be as a couple.



{Winston Salem Engagement Photographer}2013_DSC5678


Your Engagement session, is a time to be you but, the best you. Here are my favorite tips for putting your best foot forward in your engagement photos.



1. Wear makeup. Even if you normally do not. It’s not about looking different it is about making sure your features stand out for the camera. Just a natural colored lip gloss and a touch of mascara can make all of the difference.

2. Make sure your clothing is not too loose, even if you have a curvy figure like me! Wearing clothing too loose can look sloppy and add extra pounds.

3. Do the chicken neck….. now that sounds sexy! look in a mirror. Push your face forward about 1-2 inches. Don’t point your chin up or down just push your face forward…..see the difference?

4. Relax and have fun. Laugh, smile, don’t take posing so seriously that you become stiff. Even though being photographed can be intimidating try your best to be comfortable. Most important of all your location and your outfit should reflect YOU, your personal style and story, maybe just a little more polished and refined.


Congratulations on your engagement!!

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