5 misconceptions about Wedding Photography

There a lot of misconceptions about wedding photography. One that  is actually true-   it’s the coolest job on the planet.  I absolutely love what I do!!

But all of the talk is not true, there are lots of ideas out there about photography being some sort of a easy breezy jet set lifestyle where we rake in the cash. That one couldn’t be further from the truth. In my previous blog post about professional wedding photography we talked about why photographers cost so much  and what it’s really like to be a wedding photographer.  In this post I’d like to talk about the misconceptions that drive us crazy!!


1. That we make tons of money, and inflate prices on purpose. As explained in the above mentioned post, while photography can be costly, photographers actually spend most of that money to keep the business going, it is what separates them from an amateur. 
2. That photographers do not need to go to school. This one has some truth to it, No one needs to go to school I suppose. However- If your intention is to make money in this competitive industry,  you must “know your craft ” Personally I dropped out of college, they taught me far more about debt than photography.  I take a 24 hour workshop every single week, taught by the best photographers in the industry and have never learned so much in my life.
3. That we can just Photoshop that. Something that might take less than a minute to fix or avoid in real life could take up to thirty minutes in Photoshop. In wedding photography we are working with a thousand images or more, so avoiding Photoshop at all costs is important.
4. That our camera takes good photos. If I had a nickle for every-time I was told this, I would put them all in a bag and smack someone with it! For anyone that thinks this, I urge you to please pick up my camera and do what I do!! I guess the part that makes a photographer insulted to hear this, is that we literally put in hundreds and thousands of hours of practice, classes, reading and workshops all for it to be credited to an awesome camera. The camera is the tool that gets the job done. You wouldn’t give the pot credit for a fantastic meal, would you?
5. Photographers don’t have to work that much. Because people only see us working one-two days a week, it seems as though we hardly work at all- this is not so. I work at least 80 hours a week. I am pretty sure my children think that the computer is one of my appendages. Once we have taken the photos, we still have to sort, edit, publish, ship, and  promote them. We also have to keep the business running which involves corresponding and meeting with new couples, blogging, submitting  our to wedding publications, and maintaining equipment. Photography is like an iceberg, you only see about 10 percent of what is really going on.


What do you think?

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