Everything Will Not Be Perfect, and It’s Perfectly Fine.

Now that Koy and I are coming up on our one year wedding anniversary ( which is also the ninth anniversary of the night we met ) I am re-visiting our wedding day. So many things went wrong, or not as we planned, but I still consider our wedding to be the happiest day of my life.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0350I get a serious case of Laryngitis every year without fail, I don’t know why, I just always have. Guess who woke up the day before her wedding sounding like Big Ang and Harvey Firestein’s love-child? This bride. By the time I was saying my vows, I could barley croak out the words!! For the rest of our honeymoon I donned a New York Accent, which was pretty hilarious. Koy and I had spent a lot of time and effort putting our vows together, so that we could share the most meaningful parts of our relationship and you know what?? No one cared. Everyone who was there knew how much Koy and I love each other, and could see how happy we are. I am fairly certain no one really paid much attention to the talking anyway. Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0352

On the morning of our wedding we awoke to a flat tire. When your destination is almost two hours away, this is an epic disappointment! Koy was awesome and quickly went to have it replaced. We were pretty late getting started, and when coming down the aisle, I lost it when I saw Koy. I don’t mean in the cute, oh look! the bride is crying kind of way, I mean snot all running down my face kind of way. With no tissues or handkerchief I tried to turn my head and inconspicuously wipe my nose with the back of my hand because the thought of our first kiss being full of snot was making my stomach turn.  and oh yeah, I knocked the wedding cake over ( after everyone already had gotten a slice thank goodness! ) Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0346

All too often I meet with brides who live in fear. They are so afraid their wedding will not be perfect, and they are probably right. Inevitably, things will go wrong, but a secret you won’t realize until it’s too late; you will probably will not notice or care. The day of your wedding there are only two things that matter- you+him. Don’t lose sight of what it’s all about, Stop living in fear, and just enjoy being a bride.

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4 thoughts on “Everything Will Not Be Perfect, and It’s Perfectly Fine.

  1. Hey Shanna, Tania here! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Your wedding is absolutely lovely. Love this post as it holds so true for me. I had some issues with my wedding that came up but I chuckled thru and kept the thought of me becoming a Mrs on my mind!! If I had to pick the worst thing that happened on our Big Day, I’d have to say it was during our vows. I started getting a “HOT FLASH”!! I literally all of a sudden broke out in a cold sweat. The top part if my dress was drenched as if someone thru a bucket of water over me. Seriously it was a comically moment and I also had to throw off my beautiful shoes in the middle of Greg’s vows because I didn’t break-them in. But it just makes the wedding that much more memorable for me!! 🙂

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