Baby Willow & Celebrating our Very First Wedding Anniversary in Asheville, North Carolina

willow sapling, wedding tree
This weekend was among the best of my life. I don’t even know how, in only 36 hours we managed to experience so much fun, but we totally did it. Koy and I celebrated our fist wedding anniversary, which is actually coming up this Sunday. Last year we were married in Asheville, so we went right back. Asheville is an incredibly fun, chill city filled to the brim with beer, dreadlocks and gourmet food. We started off with breakfast at Early Girl Eatery, recommended to me by my Bff Emily. The omelette with oyster mushrooms and Parmesan was well worth waiting for. Soon after we met up with our best friends  for some tacos at Local Taco and did some hanging out, mostly at my personal favorite bar in all of Asheville; The Thirsty Monk. It is a nice, quiet spot with a very rustic feel, and my favorite albeit simple feature: self serve water. The beer was excellent, and the company- even better. Lauging the afternoon away playing this or that and Kill/ F/ Marry was hillarious. From the Monk we boarded the Haunted Comedy bus tour, where we continued to drink and laugh. Finishing the night at Pack’s Tavern my favorite spot for a burger piled high with a fried egg, bacon and hash-browns. I don’t eat animal products very often, but when I do, I really get it done. The great thing about Asheville is that it is almost impossible to eat food that has been factory farmed so indulging has never felt so good.  Somehow full of beer and cholesterol I rolled into bed. The next day after lunch at Tupelo Honey, and saying goodbye to our friends Koy and I headed out to the Amazing Pubcycle. It was the funnest thing I have experienced thus far, loved the tour guide, the passengers, the music and the biking was a fun workout. We finished up our hour and a half long tour- plus the victory lap set to Eye of the Tiger and then headed home, with only one more very special stop planned. We couldn’t wait to visit Jean and Fred who hosted, photographed and officiated our wedding. Instantly, we had a family- like connection with them and it was wonderful give them a big hug. They had a surprise in store for us- Fred had grafted a branch from the willow tree we were married under, and gave it to us as a gift. I am so touched by this unbelievably precious gift. I can’t wait for “Baby Willow” to grow up so that we can graft pieces to give all of our children on their wedding day.

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0323









Photo courtesy of Emily over at Southern Expectations, Check Her Out!!


2 thoughts on “Baby Willow & Celebrating our Very First Wedding Anniversary in Asheville, North Carolina

  1. I am so glad we were able to spend some of the anniversary weekend with you! We all had so much fun! We have to go back sooner than later! 🙂 love love love you!

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