Spreading yourself too thin?

“Some days, are so hard that you want to quit. With every ounce of your being, you want to give up. Success happens just after you push past that feeling.”


Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0049201368

Feeling hopeless, helpless and stressed? It’s o.k. Want to give up? quit? run away to a desert island with a bottle of wine and a stack of books like Olivia Pope in Scandal? Me too.

This week I have felt like the very definition of epic fail. I have been wrapped up in guilt because I am not enjoying my job- the job I created. I have been over-worked, over-stressed and frustrated. I still LOVE being a photographer and being behind the camera. The people get to meet and with are beyond amazing. Recently I began working on re-structuring my business and schedule so I can work more manageable hours and like most things in transition, it is getting worse before it gets better.

Today, I think I made it through one of the most busy weeks of my life, it seems as though the sun is shining through the clouds. I have learned that often when things are so difficult that you feel you can’t possibly go on, you are often on the verge of something great. Never give up.


4 thoughts on “Spreading yourself too thin?

  1. Great blog post.. This month was a rough one for us too. Thought about slowing down dramatically but then said where wold that get us… So going to keep forging on and hope to reap the benefits sometime later. ☺

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