Growing into each other.

They were my first friends. The only people in the world who have shared 30-plus years of life with me. There is never a need to explain- they just understand. My sisters are just like me, but different.We talk way too loud, always trying to be heard over each other. We say inappropriate things and regale in stories of our childhood that make our husbands wonder just what they have gotten themselves into.DSC_3665-Edit

We spend hours and hours discussing our slow metabolism and how we must have a major hereditary health problem preventing us all from losing weight, all while eating french onion dip by the tub-full. We cook foods with flavors that take us on a journey back to our childhood. Linguicia, Wheat bars, and Fluffenutters to name a few.



Over the years we have been through relationships, jobs, births, weddings, a few hair-colors and  some cross-country moves. We have acquired nine assorted children, four dogs a Southern accent, and three Pinterest addictions. After all of the places, changes, and phases life has taken us through, we have grown into women. Our age differences no longer make us different as they did when we were young, and now we are closer than ever before. I am so grateful for this portrait that is now one of my most prized possessions. Thankful for spending this past week in North Carolina with them, and happy that no matter what happens in life I can always count on my sisters.


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