Charlie + Shanna A fun, flirty engagement session at Triad Park in Colfax, NC

When Shanna first contacted me, to be honest I thought I was being punked. It seemed kind of odd that we had the same name, but when she told me she was also a patriots fan, and had a dog with the same name as mine, I was totally freaked out. To top it off, her fiancee Charlie is a cowboys fan just like my hubby. Once we had a chance to meet Shanna and Charlie we fell in love…. this couple is CRAZY about each other, and to be in the presence of their love is fun, sweet and intoxicating. We had a great time playing at the park for their engagement session, here are a few of my favorites…..

BLOG Page 1 BLOG Page 2 BLOG Page 3 BLOG Page 4 BLOG Page 5 BLOG Page 6 BLOG Page 7 BLOG Page 8 BLOG Page 9 BLOG Page 10 BLOG Page 11 BLOG Page 12 BLOG Page 13 BLOG Page 14 BLOG Page 15 BLOG Page 16 BLOG Page 17 BLOG Page 18 BLOG Page 19 BLOG Page 20


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